Welcome to HiSwap 👋

We're a token swap that gets straight to the point. No farms, no staking, no bull 💩

HiSwap lets you find and swap tokens quickly across 7 chains and makes it easy to share swaps to your friends and token communities.

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The best price

When you set up a swap, we find the best purchase price across multiple decentralized exchanges. Sometimes we split an order up across different liquidity pools to make sure the price impact is as small as possible, all so you get the most our of your swap.

Plus since we use the existing token liquidity, nothing extra is needed to swap on HiSwap

Shareable swaps

So why would you need to share a swap? Maybe you want to help a mate swap a certain token, or you're a community mod that wants to make it simple for new and existing members.

Any time someone swaps on a DEX they have to think about:

  • ⚙️ Token tax and custom slippage
  • 🥷 Imposter tokens with the same name/symbol
  • ⛔️ Warning messages on popular swaps like PancakeSwap

So how do we solve it?

Swap links

These make it easy for you to set up the right tokens and slippage settings to keep your community on the right track. Plus they come with beautiful preview images on every social platform 👀

Here's one for MAGIC on Arbitrum: (opens in a new tab)

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preview image

HiSwap | Swap MAGIC

How to get MAGIC at the best price across multiple decentralised exchanges

A preview card for MAGIC on Arbitrum

Website popups

One of the first things new visitors to a token project want to see is your website. HiSwap puts a swap button right on your page, so users can get your token right away

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Telegram swaps

How often do people ask for the contract address, tax or a DEX link in your chats? With the HiSwap, users can launch a swap right inside Telegram 💬

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