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Getting Started

Popup Swap

Too many projects bombard potential investors with a handful of how-to-buy steps and then kick them off-site, so somewhere like PancakeSwap. How can we make this experience better?

Put a swap on your site!

It's really that simple and it only takes a minute to make it happen

Customize your embed

You're almost there! Just choose a button and icon color in the embed settings, then copy the embed code.

Embed Config

Add to your site

The embed code copied to your clipboard is the easiest way to add a swap to your site.

For most sites, you can just add this <script> tag anywhere in your website and it will work.

More about the script

We use a single script, like Google Analytics or Intercom, to power the HiSwap popup. To make things easy, we include the swap ID, button color and icon color inside of the script.src attribute:


If you want visibility over the popup settings, you can also include it like below. In future we'll allow options like custom icons, button position and multiple swaps on 1 page - this config will be how you get access to these settings:

window.hiswap = {
    id: 'TWIQaYkI9ecU',
    buttonColor: '#3B82F6',
    iconColor: '#FFFFFF',
<script hiswap async type="module" src="https://plugins.hiswap.one/embed.js"/>

How to embed guides

Every site is different and sometimes it's hard to unclude custom scripts. Click one of the options below if you're having trouble embedding on your site: