Telegram Swap

Telegram Swap

Open a swap right inside Telegram with the HiSwap Bot. For the first time, you can let your Telegram community swap without having to send them to the web browser.

How does it work?

Telegram has a new type of link called a web_app link, which lets us open a popup website inside a TG chat. Combine this with the HiSwap embeddable swap and that means you have the perfect way for your community to swap your tokens when the TG chat heats up.

Getting started

Create a new HiSwap swap link, following the instructions here

Once you have a share link, paste it below to get your Telegram bot link:

Click the link to try it out, or copy it to share in your community. You can even attach it to a button menu from another bot like Rose.

When this link is clicked, it will open up the HiSwap bot. Then when the user presses /start it will show a link to swap your token. Click that and it will open up the embedded swap inside of Telegram.

Telegram Example